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  • 1. Baby's safety, can not stand the wait and see: to protect the safety of children is our mission.

  • 2. Green and environmental protection: non-toxic, harmless, green, silicone material, 3D animal shape, pay attention to children's vision needs.

  • 3. EPS Foam: If it is hit hard, he will break down and spread. The EPS foam will not recover after decomposition, but he will save our only life, which is not what other ordinary helmets can do.

  • 4. Taillight design, night riding is safer: 2 flashing mode, free to switch,more convenient to replace the battery.( no bring a battery CR2032, customers must purchase it themselves)

  • 5. Lightweight to reduce cervical pressure: use light materials to liberate children's head and neck pressure

  • Material:PC+ EPS
    Head circumference: 50-56CM
    Weight:300 G
    Number of holes: 10 holes
    Accessories: Use the adjuster to adjust the size according to the circumference of the head.
    This product regulator has a warning light and there are two modes of lighting.
    press one, long light
    Press again to flash off
    Greatly improve the safety of children's night riding training!
    Clean and hygienic: removable and washable lining to keep your child's head clean and comfortable
    Exquisite cartoon: full of childlike fun, let the child fall in love with a helmet
    Application: children's bicycle helmet, mountain bike riding helmet, adjustable helmet, safety helmet, speed skating helmet, roller skating helmet, skate helmet.

    Helmet care instructions:
    1. The helmet should not be exposed to corrosive solvents (eg alcohol, water, glue, etc.).
    2. After using the helmet, the liner should be removed for cleaning or drying.
    3. When cleaning, do not iron, do not dry clean, and dry in a cool dry place.
    4. After using the helmet, the helmet should be gently wiped with a soft cloth, and then placed in a tape for storage.
    5. can not sit on the helmet or beat with a hard object and helmet.
    6. The helmet cannot be used again after a one-time impact during normal use.
    7. Do not use hard objects and sharp objects on the helmet to avoid scratching the helmet surface and EPS.

    Aishankra A109 Children's Helmet Bicycle Balance Car Helmet Single Wheel Slide Riding Helmet Protective Gear Equipment - B07H3GJ613

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