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  • HIGH QUALITY ANTI-THEFT BICYCLE LOCK - Made of High quality alloy lock with Stainless steel lock core and Steel chain.Durable Heavy bicycle lock using precision machining technology which let the robbers be at a loss what to do.

  • EASY TO SET COMBINATION - 5-Digit Combination to Easily reset & personalize your secret code so you don’t even need to memorize a new one.Locking mechanisms for keyless convenience with a free mountingbracket.Basic Self Coiling Resettable for easy transportation.

  • SET YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED NUMBER COMBINATION - No More Lost Keys!With just a simple combo to remember,you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll never desperately search for lost keys.

  • SHOCK-RESISTANT & WATER RESISTANT - Made from military-grade woven steel,this drill-resistant,shock-resistant & water-resistant design is the most secure & easy-to-use.Long enough (4 feet) to lock two bikes at the same time.

  • MULTIPURPOSE - Ideal for bicycles,skateboards,gates & fences,grills & lawnmowers,sports equipment,tool boxes & ladders.

  • You will feel very lucky for buying this lock, when you find that your neighbor bike was stolen.High quality bike cable lock designed for our bike owners.


    * The chain is made of high temperature hardened steel wire which can withstand the shear force more than common U lock!Protect your bike stolen!

    * Digital combination password lock without a key,safer than traditional U lock and 4-digit combination lock core, let the robbers be at a loss what to do.

    * Basic self coiling flexible braided steel cable,Easy to use and Effective anti-theft.

    Lock Length: 4 Feet (1200cm)
    Weight:1 pound

    Package Content:
    1 x Bike Cable Lock
    1 x Mounting Bracket
    1 x User Instruction

    Bike Lock Cable OBOSOE Bike Cable Basic Self Coiling Resettable Combination Cable Bike Locks - B06XRWZ9VS

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