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  • Material:In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell + EPS Liner.

  • Ample Ventilation:The cycle helmet with Vents cooling system,keep Ample Ventilation for ultimate temperature regulation and reducing resistance

  • We offer a unique range of Bicycle helmets with superior safety and style over many of our competitors at a very competitive price.

  • The construction of the helmet better lends itself it to withstand multiple impacts which often occur in real-world cycle accidents, where cyclists may bounce or impact down and then slide into a roadside object or curb.

  • Helmets are made from a "DUAL-DENSITY" structure which means that the outer shell of the helmet has a harder density to resist and distribute any impact to a wider area. The soft inner density then absorbs the shock energy.

  • Why You Need a Cycling Helmet?
    Cycling is a fabulous way to keep fit and active, but an accident would happen to anyone at any time, so we are passionate about promoting safe cycling,
    while supporting calls to make it safer for all ages to take to their bikes & get pedaling.
    Use Your Head, Use a Helmet
    We know how easy it can be to sustain a life-changing brain injury as a result of a cycling accident.
    But come with helmet, things would be different.

    Cycle Helmet Mountain Bicycle Helmet Vents Adjustable Comfortable Safety Helmet for Outdoor Sport Riding Bike - B07H33L3FN

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