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  • Shell Material: in-mold polycarbonate

  • Impact Foam: EPS

  • Ventilation: 21 vents

  • Fit Adjustment: Roc Loc 5

  • Visor: no

  • The rising popularity of helmets such as Giro's Air Attack and Synthe, shown to reduce drag by up to 14% in the right conditions, shines a spotlight on the shift in attention towards aerodynamics in every piece of cycling kit. For those of us who can't quite stomach the cost of those top-end lids, Giro brings us the Foray MIPS Helmet with trickle down aerodynamic technology and industry-leading Multi Directional Protection System (MIPS) design at a much more palatable price point. The big news with MIPS technology is its ability to reduce impact force . MIPS comprises a strategically anchored, thin liner on the inside of the helmet that looks exceptionally simple, but serves a big purpose. That little liner is designed to move independently of the helmet shell and reduce impact force on your dome compared to standard, non-MIPS helmets. So if you do happen to crash, MIPS technology dramatically increases your chances of walking away without a head injury. While the Foray isn't quite as light, as breathable, or as slippery in the wind as the Synthe, it utilizes many of the same technologies in both materials and manufacturing as it's more expensive sibling. It's made with Giro's In-Mold construction, a technique that effectively unifies the helmet's EPS foam liner to a polycarbonate shell, as opposed to simply adhering the two together, creating a lighter, stronger structure that's ultimately safer. The helmet follows Giro's Streamlined Design philosophy, allowing slick style to permeate the functional aerodynamic shape that dictates the helmet's efficiency. Finally, the Roc Loc 5 retention system dials in the proper fit to your head, comfortably and easily, while still being up to 40% lighter than competing systems.

    Giro Foray MIPS Helmet Matte Black/White M - B01B5KZ9H2

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