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  • Safety reflector for superstars! Like a star in the night sky, this reflector twinkles brightly in the light of car headlights. It is a useful and caring gift, easy to send with greeting cards.

  • Fun-to-wear, premium safety reflectors create high visibility up to 150 meters in the dark WITHOUT high-viz colors. They are a must-have for kids, teens and adults when walking, running or bicycling in the city, suburbs or along countryside roads at dusk, at night and in the early morning.

  • Reflector is 60 x 60 mm with a 11.5 cm ball chain. Made in the USA and Sweden with 3M Scotchlite reflective material on both sides. EN13356 compliant.

  • Use the ball chain to hang the reflectors on zipper pulls of jackets and backpacks and on bags, purses, strollers, wheel chairs, wagons, dog leashes and more.

  • Twice as many kids and teens get killed by cars on Halloween compared to any other night of the year. funflector reflectors can be seen from over 150 meters.

  • funflector is North America's premier brand of reflectors for walking, running and bicycling.
    Reflectors like these have saved lives in the Scandinavian countries for decades! From dusk to dawn, these cool, cute, stylish and fun safety reflectors increase your visibility up to 500 feet. When they dangle from your zipper pulls on jackets, backpacks and bags, or from strollers, wheelchairs and dog leashes, they create a flickering light which helps the drivers to see you at a distance when it is dark.
    Motion creates attention, so hang them low and let them dangle!

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    Because the reflectors are made with the powerful 3M Schotchlite reflective material, they are ultra bright despite their small size. They are all compliant with EN13356, a European standard and a de-facto world standard for personal reflectors.

    funflector reflectors are unique stocking stuffers, perfect gifts to send with greeting cards and a fun alternative to reflective tape on Halloween. Search for "funflector" to see all designs. There is something for everyone in the family and every season of the year!

    How to use them
    - For good surround visibility, hang at least two reflectors on jackets, bags and backpacks, e.g. one front and one back, or on pocket zipper pulls left and right.
    - Additional reflectors can be hung on strollers, wheelchairs, wagons, dog collars or dog leashes.
    - Use a safety pin for temporary attachment to running gear and Halloween costumes.

    Please note that the reflectors REFLECT but do not glow in the dark.
    The drivers will see them much brighter than the person wearing them. To see it for yourself, take a picture of your reflector from at least 10 feet/3 meters away with the flash ON. This works outdoors from dusk to dawn or indoors without direct sunlight.

    funflector Safety Reflector - Star - Blue - 2-pack - B016O13IIO

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