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  • 6 Modes: Steady light, 2 flashing/strobe light modes, 3 chasing light modes

  • 5 Super Bright High Intensity LED Lights visible up to 1/2 mile - 800 meters/2500 feet

  • BikeGearz (tm) 5 LED safety light is great for Bicycles, strollers, joggers, hiking. walking, playing sports, events, car emergencies, camping

  • Extra long battery life - Lasts for up to 200 hours using 2 AAA alkaline batteries

  • Lifetime LED bulbs never need replacing- LEDs last over 50,000 hours per bulb

  • Color Name:Red/Black

    How To Save A Life In One Easy Step

    "Safety First" Doesn't Always Mean Safe

    You're a responsible cyclist. You obey traffic laws and follow every rule. You only ride during the day when visibility is at its best. But the woman in the big SUV next to you was on the phone and didn't notice, and now your bike is in pieces and your body is sore.

    Visibility Is Always An Issue

    No matter how many safety precautions you take, bicycle riders are notoriously not seen by motorists. Collision with a motor vehicle is the number one threat to pedestrians and cyclists, often resulting in serious injury or death. Visibility is a big factor, even in daylight accidents. The latest US Bureau of Transportation report states that over 52,000 cyclists are injured by motor vehicles each year, causing over 600 deaths. Nearly 50 of these fatalities were not visible to the motorists. The number increases to over 600 not visible pedestrian deaths.

    High Intensity 5 LED Safety Light To The Rescue!

    A high intensity red light that flashes to attract motorists' attention is one of the best safety measures that a pedestrian or cyclist can use, day or night.

    Our BikeGearz(tm) high intensity 5 LED red safety light will make you visible for up to half a mile, even in bad weather. It features six different operation modes, easily selected by pushing the orange button, so you can choose the right one for any condition:

    - Steady Beam
    - Fast Flash
    - Slow Strobe
    - Slow Chasing Pattern
    - Medium Chasing Pattern
    - Fast Chasing Pattern

    LED's are very efficient and can run for weeks on two easily replaceable AAA batteries.

    It is light weight (under 2 oz.) and clips on so you can wear it during any activity.

    Includes a removable bike mount that fits securely onto light.

    Buy one today and save a life!

    BikeGearz(tm) High Intensity Red 5 LED Bike - Bicycle - Cycling Flashing Rear Safety Tail Light with 6 Modes - B00C815RFC

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