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  • HIGHLY REFLECTIVE - Our reflective safety vest offers you the best protection from motorists with full 360° reflectivity and visibility for cycling or for walking at night

  • COMFORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The reflective harness is easy to wear while running, walking, cycling, dog walking, bike riding or motorcycle riding

  • ELASTIC & ADJUSTABLE. Reflective vest sliders let you adjust the length of both the reflective belt and suspenders and the buckle make it easy to put on and take off. The reflective bands easily fasten with durable velcro and can be used as ankle bands, armbands or wrist bands

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL (S-XL): This reflective harness is made for women and men. Waist reflective band: 27 - 41 inches, shoulder reflective straps: 17 - 26 inches (Waist to Shoulder Length)

  • BONUS OFFER: Two high visibility reflective bands for free

  • For those who run in the early morning or at night, the Reflective Running Vest makes you noticeable to drivers and helps keep you safe. The reflective bands around this High Visibility Safety Vest show up in headlight beams, so drivers see you long before they reach you. This reflective safety vest is lightweight and adjustable, so it is comfortable to wear during your runs.

    Features and Benefits
    • 360˚reflective full coverage, with 2 reflective strips for maximum reflectivity and visibility
    • Adjustable waist and shoulder straps to fit almost any body size
    • Front access quick-clip release
    • Bright color to be seen in any environment involving poor visibility
    • Lightweight with 100% elastic, polyester material for maximum comfort and convenience

    Perfect For:
    Great minimalist design for all weather visibilty. Soft, chafe-free construction for superior ease-of-movement.
    In low light conditions, in-city running, biking, walking keeps you visible for better peace of mind.
    Adjustable for both height and waist size. Fits extra small to extra large. Perfect for walking, cycling, dog walking, outdoor roller skating, outdoor skateboarding, motorcycle riding, hiking.

    - Put the ankle band around your pant leg to keep it from getting caught in the bicycle chain.
    - Wrap the ankle band around the folded vest to store it compactly.
    - Keep a vest in your car for roadside emergencies.

    Included with Purchase:
    - 1 reflective vest with wider strips for increased visibility
    - 2 arm / leg bands, FREE! Which increase your visible surface area

    MsFeng Reflective Vest/Belt + FREE 2 Reflective Bands - 360 Degree Visibility Day/Night - High Visibility and Safety for Running Cycling Dog Walking and More - Lightweight Comfortable Fully Adjustable - Neon Green - B012SQFRYC

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