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  • The high elastic silicon steel sheet is used in the interlayer, so that the anti-light belt can automatically coil the elastic silicon steel and the automatic pants after touching any object.

  • The outer reflective lattice is the best reflective material with high reflective properties. Specially designed for tight trousers to improve the service life of the belt.

  • Safety:let you move safely in the night and protect yourself from danger.

  • Easy to wear:The snap on band can be fastened with one click, either on the wrist, leg or forearm

  • If you have any other questions,please contact us.

  • Color:white

    Product introduction:


    Weight:less than 20g 


    The light rays are so dazzling that you can ride more safely at night!

    It can also be used as a wristband.

    It is easy to carry, not to be coiled on the frame.

    Beam in the backseat tube can be used for safety reflectors!

    A roll gently, make your trouser leg tight tie, say goodbye to dirty pants Angle, fashionable colour design, also be a bicycle necessary, reflective bar is more safe.

    Reflective Running Gear Safety Bands-Arm Wrist or Ankle Band Reflectors for Safe Running Jogging Walking Biking Hiking & Backpacking(2 pack) (white) - B07BV6XK8R

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