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  • Dual easy indicator pump head fits both Schrader and Presta valves; indicator is green when locked and ready to use and red when it's not

  • Wide metal base adds stability for easy pumping and adds long-lasting durability

  • Barrel is 21" tall for premium inflation performance

  • Pumps to 120 PSI; co-molded T-handle grips make inflation comfortable

  • Sports ball needle and inflation cone included for added versatility

  • You were all ready to go for a ride and. darn it if you tire doesn't need a little more air. No worries, you have the Schwinn Aircenter Floor Pump. Sure, there are plenty of bike pumps out there, but the Aircenter has several key features that make it a great asset when you're in a pinch. There is a wide metal base that keeps it stable and an indicator-style pump head that takes the guess work out of wondering if the pump head is truly attached to the valve. When the handle is up the window is green, meaning it is ready to connect. When the handle is down, the window is red, meaning it isn't ready to connect. Easy, right? You have the option of a Presta or Schrader valve so all the bikes in the family are covered. With a pump, the height of the barrel is equal to the capacity, which is how much air the pump can push into the tire per pump. With a 21-inch barrel height, you'll get a nice gust of air with each pump, which means fewer pumps for a fully-inflated tire. There are molded handles for comfort, up to 120 PSI of inflation, and an included sports ball needle and inflation cone for all your pumping needs. Nothing is holding you back, enjoy the ride with a Schwinn.

    Schwinn Air Center Floor Pump Without Gauge Black - B072C31G7B

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